Om Prem  Products is a family run adventure in innovation, dedicated to selling earth-friendly products at people-friendly prices. We are extremely proud to offer some of the cleanest and most affordable Products. Our experiences have shown us that a green lifestyle can sometimes be difficult to maintain its success is a lifelong journey. It relies on the personal discovery and preservation of the delicate balance that harmonizes Earth, body, and mind. With this understanding, we empower our supporters by providing the knowledge to make the best decisions for their own well-being. Every body is unique, and each person’s path to vibrant living may be different. This is why we are concerned with both internal and external health, as anything we put on our skin will go into our body, and what we put in our body will show on our skin.


Teresa Angelina



I have an immense passion for the healing power of food and nutrients having experienced their effects first hand. We know the food we eat affects every cell in the body; it can make the difference between feeling ‘all right’ and feeling ‘great’.

I do not believe in following a diet. Instead, I aim to show you the link between your symptoms and the food you may be eating. I will show you alternatives and inspire you to make changes as you gain control and bring your body back into balance. I believe that healthy food can not only make you F E E L fantastic but T AS T E delicious too! I love taking indulgent recipes and altering them to increase the nutritional value without sacrificing the flavor or beauty. My kitchen is the place where I always feel the most relaxed and creating delicious, healthy meals is the best therapy for me! Work aside, I am married to a wonderful husband, and a mom to three kids, I LOVE to travel, stay active, spend quality time with my friends and family, and I try to truly enjoy the blessings of each day by keeping the ‘Big Guy Upstairs’ at the center of my life.